Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 88

Hey Who fans, welcome to episode 88 and it’s a big news week for DW – we have a new companion! Yes, we discuss our newest member of the Tardis family then onto our review of The End of the World but first… catch-up’s and news.

The News

Last series episode Heaven Sent has been nominated for a HUGO Award which is excellent news! If you can get to London by May 11th the Cartoon Museum is showcasing lots of original art work from the Target book covers. Lastly, it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for, yes, the new companion is – Pearl Mackie.

Merch Corner

Linked to our story regarding the Target original artwork there’s a republish of Target Books – A History of the Target Doctor Who Books which has also been updated which goes into the history of the Target novels and a guide to each Doctor’s stories plus this edition now included the audio releases too. Order yours from Telos Publishing.

“The End of the World” Review

It’s not often you get whisked away in a space ship that’s capable of travelling in space and time and where does the Doctor take Rose for their first adventure… to witness the destruction of the Earth. Oh. As the second story in the new Doctor Who comeback, does this get us fired up or left in the shade?

Thank you as always for listening and contributing with your reviews. Next week we meet up with the 4th Doctor for The Robots of Death. Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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