Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 95

Hey Who fans! We’re back to the normal format this week and after some very interesting news items, we’re onto the 12th Doctor story Robot of Sherwood.

The News

Series 10 starts filming next week, yay! Not so yay (depending on your opinion of this character) as we find out that Matt Lucas is returning as Nardole. Hmmm.

Adric is returning! Not in the TV show of course but with the rest of the crowded TARDIS team that we know and love from series 19 for Big Finish! The new three parter will be with us on January next year.


No merch this week 🙁


Those of you with sharp ears will have noticed we totally forgot to announce the winner to our Big Finish giveaway to win the War Doctor boxset Only the Monstrous so… you all have another week to get your entry in. Either tweet us, post us on Faebook or email us the answer to this question: what words does the War Doctor blast into the wall in the 50th Anniversary story The Day of the Doctor? A winner will DEFINITELY be announced on next week’s show.

“Robot of Sherwood” Review

A brilliant concept for an episode of Doctor Who; our time travelling Doctor at odds with one of history’s most famous outlaws but does the execution live up to the story?

Thank you for all your thoughts on this week’s review story, you’re all awesome! Next week we’re jumping back to the 3rd Doctor era for our review of The Sea Devils. Have a great week and until then – Allons-y!


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