Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 96

Hey Who fans! It’s been a very slow week for news and merch so we waffle on for a bit and end up talking about news and merch anyway! Before we get onto our review of The Sea Devils, that waffle…

The News

No substantial news this week but the law of sod threw it’s mighty sword at us. We said that, although filming started this week for series 10, there were no set or cast pics released yet. Then low and behold, minutes after we stop recording, set pics emerge of Pearl Mackie. Meh.


No merch this week but we did mention a couple of bits in the end; a new book The American Adventures and some Titan and Pop! stuff.

Last week’s competition

The winner of our Big Finish competition is… (drum roll please) – Charlotte Stinson. Well done, we’ll be in touch real soon to sort the deets with you.

This week’s competition

We have another giveaway! Yes this week you could win a copy of the recently released Target novel – Genesis of the Daleks. To win tell us who was the cover artist for the Genesis of the Daleks Target book. As usual, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or email and you have until midnight on Wednesday 29th June. We’ll announce the winner on next week’s show (if we remember).

“The Sea Devils” Review

We always like visiting the 3rd Doctor’s era and this one, often loved, is one we’ve talked about behind the scenes for a while. Classic Doctor and companion team, classic monster and classic Master. Do we share the love or does it leave us treading water?

Thanks for listening and your thoughts. Next week it’s the 9th Doctor’s turn with our review of The Long Game. Good luck with the competition and until then – Allons-y!


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