Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 97

News is picking up a little plus we have some cool merch stuff to talk through before we plough onto our review episode The Long Game.

The News

US online retailer Hot Topic has won the LIMA (International Licensing Industry Merchandiser’s Association) Award for the second time since 2014. Ladies, if you’re after some swanky DW clothing, this is where you want to go.


A great sounding new Titan comic run is starting this Wednesday 6th July. Titled Supremacy of the Cybermen it’s a big cross over story featuring the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Doctor’s and their companions, phew. It ties in nicely with both the Cybermen’s 50th anniversary and Titan’s Doctor Who Comics Day which takes place a few days later on the 9th July. Now would be a good time to dip your toe into the Titan comics.

The Doctor Who Magazine shows no signs of slowing down after its amazing 500th issue celebrations last month. Issue 501 is dedicated to Tom Baker and includes seven interviews packed with great insight into the man himself. Another month and another must pick up issue.

If you’re into your large hardback coffee table DW books then Doctor Who: The Whoniverse will be up your street. Coming out this October it features loads of information on human kind’s history within the DW universe, the birth of the Time Lords and lots more.

Last week’s competition

The winner of our Target book competition is… (drum roll please) – George Garrity. Congrats!

“The Long Game” Review

Eccleston’s series one is strong overall and you know we’re big fans at the BBB but The Long Game is one that’s often glossed over. Do we find good reason and agree with that or is it one of those hidden gems that deserves much more?

Thank you for all your reviews this week, especially those who threw audio clips over, you’re awesome. Next week we’re travelling back to the 5th Doctor’s era for Mawdryn Undead. Have a fantastic week and until next time – Allons-y!


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