Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 106

Hi you lot. This week we have some cool Pertwee news, a sweet custom Titan figure and then onto our review of Battlefield. Let’s do it.

The News

Another classic Who commentary is on the way from Fantom Publishing’s Who Talk series, this time it’s the turn of Remembrance of the Daleks. Previous releases have included The Web of Fear and The DÅ“mons amongst others so go check them out.

The Doctor Who Appreciation Society is currently raising funds for a Heritage Plaque in honour of Jon Pertwee which they’re hoping to have installed at the New Wimbledon Theatre. This is all to celebrate 40 years of the DWAS for which Pertwee was the first honorary president. There’s also a special event coming up in London on the 23rd October called Polarity Day to celebrate the 40th anniversary and Pertwee’s Doctor.


Titan recently unveiled a new TARDIS 4.5″ figure at New York Comic Con and is now up for order at Forbidden Planet. The Clara Tribute TARDIS is adorned with the floral paintings and portrait by Rigsy and looks rather good.

“Battlefield” Review

Aaaaaaaace!!!! Yes, it’s plenty of 7th Doctor and Ace action as Battlefield kicked off series 26 and our review this week. Some good stuff in this one or do we get stuck like trying to pull Excalibur from it’s stone?

That’s a wrap for episode 106 and thank you as always for listening and sticking with us. Next week we finish the 9th Doctor’s story in our review of World War Three. Until than have a great week and as always – Allons-y!!


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