Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 108

Hm, hm, hm. He he he (that was my Hartnell impression). Hey Who fans. Some very interesting news this week then onto our classic review of The Romans.

The News

John Barrowman seems to be playing the blame game with the lack of commitment to more Torchwood and throws it all in Moffat’s direction. Well, the Moff is not happy, not happy at all and publicly replies to Mr B. We’ll keep reporting on this one as it unfolds. Handbags at dawn!

Chris Eccleston recently gave a review on an Australian radio station and revels a bit more on how he felt about his time on Who plus a couple of interesting nuggets we haven’t heard before.


Talking of John Barrowman, Big Finish are releasing a new audio drama next year called The Lives of Captain Jack. With links to some cool characters from Who, this could be a belter. It’s out June 2017.

Those busy peeps at Candy Jar have another free digital book to get your teeth into, this one based on the legend that is Eileen Younghusband called The Last Duty. Check it out here.

“The Romans” Review

This week we look into an often forgotten Hartnell story (ahem, Adam!) The Romans. Sprinkled the humour and based loosely on historical fact, this is a fun romp but are we impressed like the Ceasers of old or hung high and dry in the arena?

Thank you for listening and your thoughts. Next week it’s that cheeky 10th Doctor’s turn when we review The Lazarus Project, we look forward to your reviews. Until than have a great week and as always – Allons-y!!


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