Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 111

Hello Who fans, jump aboard, we’ve got a great show this week. Some great news and updates then onto our review of The Rings of Akhaten.

The News

Those clever peeps at Real SFX and Milk VFX have scooped the BAFTA Cymru Award for Special and Visuals, Titles and Graphics from series 9 opener The Magician’s Apprentice. Crack open that champagne!

Way back in Episode 75 we told you of a Kickstarter campaign to get the old style Doctor Who Pinball machine reborn into a new digital version, well it’s now shipped to most platforms. It’s available on iOS, Google Play, Steam, Mac App Store, Amazon and Ouya (with the console versions coming soon). It’s a wonderful game and a slice of DW history, check it out.

An update to the upcoming Polarity Day happening on 23rd October – it will now occupy a larger auditorium at the Wimbledon Theatre which means more tickets so you can now apply to up to four instead of two. This also means more people on the guest list including John Levene (Sargent Benton), Bernard Holly (Axon leader) and the DWAS President Colin Baker! It’s now shaping up to be a great day.


If you’ve been a fan of the War Doctor stories from Big Finish then you’ll be pleased to know that Volume 3: Agents of Chaos was released yesterday. Grab it and carry on the brilliant story.

“The Rings of Akhaten” Review

There are some stories in each series of Who (both old and new) that really don’t gel with a lot of people, this week’s story being one of them. What do your hosts think however; as charming and entertaining as a good song or like a cat being strangled? Either way, we’ve got some interesting thoughts.

Thank you , you lovely lot for listening and for all your thoughts and audio clips. Next week its classic Who and we’re watching the 5th Doctor story The Awakening so remember to give us your reviews. Until than have a great week and as always – Allons-y!!


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