Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 109

Hello Who fans and welcome to episode 109. Standard format this week; latest news, bit of merch then onto our review of The Lazarus Experiment.

The News

A new teaser image has been released for Class which shows some math on a board and a laser pistol.

Some more details have been released for the upcoming Power of the Daleks event at the BFI in November. Tickets go on sale at 11:30am on the 4th October priced at £22.70 – be there promptly!


Just one bit of merch this week as Big Finish announce volume two of Classic Doctors, New Monsters which this time will feature the Racnos.

“The Lazarus Experiment” Review

We’re big fans of Tennent as you know but how does this one stack up? Series 3 is interesting as Martha is now on board but the Doctor doesn’t want a full on companion, or does he? We’re loving this one like a pleasant gathering of people in swanky London or does it mutate into an awful monster?

Thank you all for listening and a big hello to our new listeners. Next week is the classic story The Green Death up for review so get your thoughts in for that. Until than have a lovely week and as always – Allons-y!!


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