Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 112

Hey everyone. Some cool news and merch this week followed by out review of 5th Doctor story The Awakening. Let’s do it!

The News

We have a teaser/trailer/behind-the-scenes thing for the Christmas Special. Yes, The Return of Doctor Mysterio will be on our screens this Crimbo and this video gives us a wee insight into what we can expect. Before then however…

Finally, a proper trailer has been released for Class. It’s certainly looking polished and ready to go and we’ll be giving you our thoughts on it. Episodes 1 and 2 will go out on BBC Three Online on Saturday 22nd October.

Great news – a writer from the classic era will be penning a script for next year’s series 10! While the Moff didn’t confirm who this was we have a wager; Adam thinks it could be Rob Shearman while Garry has his money on Ben Aaronovitch. Excited about this.


Those fans of the cute children’s stories The Mr. Men will be thrilled to know that a mash-up of Mr. Men and Doctor Who will be out from Puffin Books next year! Each Doctor will have his own book, Dr. Fourth for example, and features the original design we know fondly.

Eaglemoss, the company behind the Doctor Who Figurine Collection, have announced a new “Mega-Dalek” to accompany the already available Bronze version. The new silver and blue figure will be 23cm tall and if priced the same as the Bronze version will retail for £85.

“The Awakening” Review

Dark undertones and a lost grandfather await in this little two-part story from the Davison era. We have mixed feelings on some of Davison’s stories but will this one be a hidden gem to enjoy or should it stay hidden.

A huge thank you for your reviews as always. Next week we’re driving forward to review the 12th Doctor story Kill the Moon which we know has varying degrees of both like and dislike so please get your thoughts in for that. Until than have a great week and as always – Allons-y!!


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