Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 113

Welcome aboard the Tardis Who fans as we venture into episode 113 for some Doctor Who news, latest merch and our weekly review!

The News

Our US listeners will be pleased to know that The Power of the Daleks, the upcoming animated restore of the lost story, will be in cinemas on 14th November, a few days before it airs on TV. Check out the Fathom Events site for more details.

A bunch of new Class pics have emerged giving us more insight into the setup and characters. Exciting as we’re mere days away from episodes 1 and 2 going live.


Character Toys have released the first image for a new 5.5 inch figure which is the 10th Doctor in Tuxedo. It looks, well, rubbish but maybe a suitable addition to your collection if you’re into your figures.

“Kill the Moon” Review

Another often divided story and one that came under a lot of flack when it first went out. Capaldi’s fun trip to the moon soon turns sour but does this one provide enough gravitas with the story or are we left feeling the coldness of space?

Thank you all for listening and your thoughts on Kill the Moon. Next week it’s a classic story and we’re in the mood for some 2nd Doctor so get ready for The Krotons. Until than have a great week and remember – Allons-y!!


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