Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 116

Hey listeners. Welcome aboard new and old listeners alike. This week it’s sad news, a few good merch items, our review of Class episode 4 and our regular review which this week is the classic story Attack of the Cybermen.

The News

Bad times. The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff is to close its doors next summer. Unfortunately the council funded lease on the purpose built building is up and there’s no plans to renew that lease or relocate. There is an online petition which if you have yet signed please jump on and show your support.


After little info on the blu ray version for the upcoming release of The Power of the Daleks, two come along at once. The standard blue ray (containing both black and white and colour versions) is out in Feburary 2017 and also… a special edition steelbook is coming out at the same time, exclusive to Amazon.

Fans of the Target book covers will be pleased to know there’s a 2017 calendar featuring a bunch of covers from artist Andrew Skileter.

“Class: Episode 4 – Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart” Review

Oh Class, will you start giving us some decent stories? So far it’s been a bumpy road for us but does this one step it up a gear?

“Attack of the Cybermen” Review

It’s been a while since we spent some time with the 6th Doctor so it’s good to be back in the presence of old Sixie. Garry spoke about this story way back in Episode 4 in 2014 but has his opinion changed? Both Garry and Adam have some interesting thoughts.

Thanks Who fans for listening and your thoughts. Next week we visit the 11th Doctor and the, again, divided story Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Until than have a great week and remember – Allons-y!!


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