Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 120

Hey Who fans! We’re at Episode 120 which brings some fresh news, a couple of merch items PLUS our last review of Class and our regular review of Ghostlight.

The News

In the London area (or maybe this will be an incentive to get there)? A popular meeting place for Who fans has now re-opened. The Fitzroy Tavern on Charlotte Street has had a refurb we expect the great sounding Who meetup’s to continue, which take place on the first Thursday of each month. We’ll see you there!


A couple of merch items – the last novel of the Lethbridge-Stewart range for 2016 has been announced – Mind of Stone and Doom Coalition 4 is up for pre-order from Big Finish.

“Class: Episode 8 – The Lost” Review

The last one! Can it follow on from the not too bad episode from last week and end the series with the potential we’ve wanted?

“Ghostlight” Review

It’s classic week and we’re spending some time with the 7th Doctor and Ace. Back to a creepy house in Perivale with aliens, scary house maids and a whole bunch of other characters in this sometimes complex story. Some good stuff in here or are we left dazed and confused.

What a show this week. Thank you for sticking with us with our reviews of Class and for giving us your thoughts on Ghostlight. Next week we’re looking at a Tennant story – Smith and Jones. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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