Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 128

Hey Who fans! More cheerful news this week then onto our review of the 5th Doctor story Time-Flight.

The News

The Ice Warriors are coming back for series 10.

Series 11 is to be broadcast next Autumn with filming due to start early next year. That does mean that with the exception of the Christmas Special this year, we’re in for another year at least hiatus.

Missy is back for Series 10. You probably guessed that as the Moff is still showrunner.

Merch Corner

Fancy a cool crystal TARDIS? Head over to to take a look. There’s also a Capaldi version.

“Time-Flight” Review

Possibly one of the most frowned upon stories from Davison’s era and possibly all of classic Who. How do we feel about this one with it’s Heathrow setting, sideways TARDIS and £5 budget? One of us isn’t a fan, the other one surprisingly is.

Thank you for listening and sending in reviews. Next week we’re looking at the Capaldi story Into the Dalek. Look out for the FB post on Monday and get your reviews in. Until then have an awesome week and remember – Allons-y!


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