Big Blue Box Podcast – Episode 127

Hey Who fans! We have some very sad news on all counts this week, a single piece of merch then onto our review of Night Terrors.

The News

It’s with great sadness that we say goodbye to Sir John Hurt who passed away aged 77. As Who fans we knew him as the War Doctor but he had a wonderful career playing some wonderful roles over the years, namely The Elephant Man, Kane (and the awesome/horrific chest busting scene) in Alien and Mr Olivander in Harry Potter. Good bye old bean.

Big Finish has picked up a BBC Drama Award! The award for Best Online/non Broadcast Drama was for Absent Friends, part one from Doom Coalition 3 boxset. Well done indeed!

More sad news, Peter Capaldi has announced his departure from Who in an emotional interview with Jo Whiley on her BBC Radio 2 show. As you can imagine, we have quite a few words to say about this.

Merch Corner

Cosplay clothing site Abbyshot have put the new 12th Doctor Red Velvet Coat up for pre-order. Looks great on Peter Capaldi, maybe you too?

“Night Terrors” Review

As big fans of Matt Smith’s Doctor we were both looking forward to reviewing one of his stories but, it’s one we’ve not seen in ages and throws opinions down the middle. Suitably creeped out or feeling sleepy?

Thank you for as always for listening and getting in touch. Next week, for classic week, we’re looking at The 5th Doctor story Time-Flight. Until then have an awesome week and remember – Allons-y!


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