Doctor Who – Ep132: Fishing for Gumblejacks

Hello you lot! Ep132 has us chatting through some interesting news, quick merch then onto our review of The Two Doctors.

The News

Our US friends will be happy as Fantom Events has announced another cinema outing, this time for the Series 10 opener and we chat about about Mondasian Cybermen making a return.

Merch Corner

Three new books are on the way featuring the upcoming TARDIS Team of the 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole. All three books are up for pre-order on Amazon.

“The Two Doctors” Review

Multi-Doctor stories. We were spoilt by the brilliant The Five Doctors and The Three Doctors so how does this 2nd and 6th Doctor story stack up? A gripping timey-wimey story of Sontaran’s, Androgum’s and a quaint Spanish hacienda. Enough to keep us going or are we desperate for that afternoon siesta?

Thank you as always for your thoughts and listening to the show. Next week we’re reviewing the concluding story to our 9th Doctor two-parter – The Doctor Dances. Until then have a brill week and remember – Allons-y!


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