Doctor Who – Ep130: Quarks! It’s time to review The Dominators!

Hey Who fans! Very light on news this week but a couple of merch items get us through to our review of the 2nd Doctor story – The Dominators.

The News

No news this week.

Merch Corner

One of the first spin-off movies, Wartime Chronicles, is getting a re-release with a couple of extra features. Worth a look if you’re a Sgt. Benton fan.

We talk through the recently announced statues coming our way from Robert Harrop this year.

“The Dominators” Review

A five parter 2nd Doctor story to kick off Troughton’s second series. Often viewed as slow and light on actual story can we get into it or are we plodding around an island looking for Quarks?

Thank you all for listening and subscribing. Next week it’s the turn of the 9th Doctor as we look into the first of a two-parter: The Empty Child. Until then have an awesome week and remember – Allons-y!


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