Doctor Who – Ep136: Cricket Gloves and Jazz

Hey Who fans, light (but controversial) news, some cool merch then our review of Silver Nemesis.

The News

Pearl Mackie dropped an important nugget of information regarding the character of Bill.

Merch Corner

Merch this week consists of a new book – Myths and Legends, Rubbertoe Replicas unveil their 1:1 scale Moment (for those of us with deep wallets), Robert Harrop dishes out some Doctor Who Packs and another book – The Unofficial Guide to Doctor Who Collectables is out in May.

“Silver Nemesis” Review

We’re running around Windsor (well actually Arundel) with the 7th Doctor and Ace as they deal with barmy old folk from the 17th century, neo-nazis and as the name suggests – Cybermen. We into this one or do we prefer to stay and listen to the soulful jazz?

Thank you as always for listening and giving us your thoughts on our review story. Next week is the final retro review before series 10(!) and it’s the 11th Doctor’s turn with A Town Called Mercy. Until then have a super week and remember – Allons-y!


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