Doctor Who – Ep135: Stuck in traffic

Hey Who fans, we have a packed show this week. Lots of news, some merch then onto our review of the 10th Doctor’s story – Gridlock.

The News

The BBC continue their educational focus on coding for kids with a special online lesson – Doctor Who and the micro:bit which you can watch again on the Live Lessons site. Fancy having breakfast with seven, yes SEVEN, Doctors? Enter here and also raise some money for Comic Relief. A new fan show titled Whovians (I know 😐) is being launched in Australia on ABC2/iview to accompany series 10 and if you remember we mentioned an upcoming book called The Temporal Log Book II which has now got a date for fan story submissions, get your story in on Sat 6th May, good luck!

Merch Corner

Fancy having a bi-monthly box of exclusive Who goodies delivered? Nerd Block are releasing a Who block soon with (apparently) plenty of proper Who merch.

GBPosters have released some new merch featuring the recent series 10 promo image.

“Gridlock” Review

Oh yes! It’s the 10th Doctor this week and we’re looking at the series 3 story Gridlock. Enough to keep us entertained here or is it like being stuck in traffic, for a very long time?

Thank you so much for sticking with us this week, a long show but all good stuff. Next week for classic week it’s Silver Nemesis so get your reviews in for that. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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