Doctor Who – Ep139: Give us a smile

Last week was a really long show so thankfully this week we’re back to our (roughly) normal run time. Some viewing figure news, merch then our review of Smile.

The News

As last week, nothing major happening this week so we talk around confirmed viewing figures for The Pilot and some early stats for Smile.

Merch Corner

Merch is mixed this week; a fairly strange looking LED torch (with what seems like the 12th Doctor’s sonic but with the top missing?) and the great looking Doctor Who/Mr. Men books and merch that just recently launched.

“Smile” Review

Series 10 continues with episode 2 – Smile. After the pretty awesome opener can this continue the momentum and bring us another belter or does it leave us feeling a bit 💩?

Thank you so much as always for listening and giving us your thoughts. Next week we’ll dive into episode 3 – Thin Ice so we look forward to your reviews. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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