Doctor Who – Ep137: No Mercy from Cyborgs

Hey Who fans, plenty of news, merch and series 10 chat awaits this week. Let’s get into it.

The News

Candy Jar Books have opened up fan submissions for the Lethbridge-Stewart range, recently released US streaming service Britbox to stream the majority of classic Who, John Simm will return as The Master in series 10(!) and we have the run down of titles for each episode in series 10.

Merch Corner

Titan Comics Book Day is on September 2nd this year, the BBC Store is offering a third off all classic Who and the Forbidden Planet stores are offering free stuff and offers on Who merch.

“A Town Called Mercy” Review

We’re heading to the Wild West this week for the 11th Doctor’s Western themed adventure and a big moral decision sits on the Doctor’s shoulders. Does this one give us enough of a rootin’ tootin’ time or fall flat faced in the sand?

Thank you guys, another jam packed show and our last one until series 10 starts on Saturday. Next week we will, obviously, be reviewing The Pilot and we’d love your thoughts on that. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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