Doctor Who – Ep141: Who’s There? Creepy Landlord

Hey Who fans! Creepy Doctor Who is back but before our review some news featuring an interesting Torchwood update.

The News

Torchwood is coming back for series 5! Before we get too excited it’s for Big Finish (which is not a bad thing), we get to see K-9 ‘s new updated look for the (apparently still in production) movie and Philip Hinchcliffe gets an honorary award from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.

Merch Corner

Our Dalek friend had zero merch for us this week.

“Knock Knock” Review

Does the series 10 awesome train continue with episode 4? We love it when Who does the creepy atmospheric thing but does this one provide enough intrigue and scares or are we left looking for alternative accommodation?

Thank you for listening and sending in your reviews. This Saturday Who goes back to outer space adventure with Oxygen so get your reviews in from Monday. Until next time have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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