Doctor Who – Ep143: Acting In Extremis

Hey Who fans! We’re reeeeally looking forward to reviewing Extremis this week but first, some news and merch…

The News

Pretty light on news but we do have some viewing figures for Oxygen to talk through.

Merch Corner

Merch talk this week covers a second free story this year from the Lethbridge-Stewart range, a new poetry book featuring illustrations from Russell T Davies, new Titan Comic event coming this summer aaaaaand… we have a name for our Dalek merch friend courtesy of listener George Garrity – Dalek Tat! Very fitting.

“Extremis” Review

This is it. The moment is series 10 when we take a shift in direction and find out who or what is in the vault, will the Doctor get his sight back and why Nardole is paired with the Doctor. Are we impressed with this one or are we lost in a convoluted timey-wimey maze?

Thank you listeners as always and for those who sent in reviews. Next week’s review will be part two of this loose trilogy – The Pyramid at the End of the World so get your reviews in for that. Until next time have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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