Doctor Who – Ep155: Enemy of the Accents

Hey Who fans. Thank you for jumping aboard the TARDIS for Episode 155. Great bit of news for a certain previous show runner, Adam and I are at polar opposites on this piece of merch and then onto our review for The Enemy of the World.

The News

Previous show runner Russell T Davies is awarded a Life Time Achievement Award and you could grab a signed script by Peter Capaldi (amongst other things) if you’re quick. The DWAS, supported by Capaldi himself, have set up an auction on eBay to support Syrian Refugees in North London but it ends on 4th September so get in there if you can afford it.

Merch Corner

A Mr. Huffle replica. Yep. That is all.

“The Enemy of the World” Review

Yes, one of our favourite Doctor’s playing a dual role in this “James Bond-esque” thriller of a story. Enough to keep us going over the six parts or are the dodgy accents enough to make us pull the plug?

Thank you as always for your support and sending in reviews. Next week it’s our last of the “Capaldi stories we didn’t do at the time so we’re doing them now” reviews with The Caretaker. Have a fantastic week and remember – Allons-y!


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