Doctor Who – Ep149: That’s a Wrap

Hey Who fans. Well that’s it, Series 10 has been and gone and it’s time to review the finale – The Doctor Falls but first…

The News

No big news other than ratings for World Enough and Time.

Merch Corner

A couple of new books are up for pre-order – Doctor Who: 100 Illustrated Adventures features fan and professional art and the obligatory Doctor Who Annual – 2018.

“The Doctor Falls” Review

We knew this day would come but it’s here and we’re not liking it. Capaldi’s last full series episode ends with betrayal, courage, emotion and surprises but what do we think? A worthy ending to the series or does it fall flat on its face?

Thank you so much for listening and sending us your thoughts and reviews, we appreciate it all so much! A reminder – we’re taking a couple of weeks holiday now and we’ll return on Friday 28th July with a special Q&A and Top 5’s show so until then… have a great couple of weeks and remember – Allons-y!


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