Doctor Who – Ep154: Just… a Nightmare

Hey Who fans. Quiet week for news, a couple of bits of news then onto our review of Nightmare in Silver.

The News

We discuss the rumour that’s blown up the last few days that Bradley Walsh could be the next companion.

Merch Corner

Dalek Tat brings us a few goodies this week; a collected 100 editions of the Australian fanzine Data Extract, a new Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition and two classic stories – The Daleks and Survival are getting their respective soundtracks released.

“Nightmare in Silver” Review

We’ve been putting this one off for ages but it’s time to make a stand and crack on with reviewing this often beaten on 11th Doctor story. Is it a case of a re-watch giving us a different appreciation for it or does it remain as it’s title suggests – a nightmare.

Thank you so much guys for listening giving us your reviews and audio clips. Next week it’s back to the classics with the 2nd Doctor story The Enemy of the World. Have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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