Doctor Who – Ep156: Take Care

Hey Who fans. It’s Ep156 and while news is in tumbleweed mode we do have a few merch items plus our review of Capaldi’s The Caretaker.

The News

No news this week.

Merch Corner

The series 10 complete box set details released, another 2018 calendar and an awesome looking 1st Doctor Funko Pop! is on the way.

“The Caretaker” Review

This is the last Capaldi story pre-series 10 for us to review. It’s funny and emotional but is this often viewed “middle of the road” story enough for us to move up from that 5 score?

Thank you Who fans for listening and your thoughts. Next week it’s the 4th Doctor’s turn with The Horns of Nimon so get that watched. Until then have a brill week and remember – Allons-y!


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