Doctor Who – Ep161: Three Cubed 3

Hey Who fans. Cool bit of news, equally cool merch chat then onto our review of The Power of Three.

The News

Another signed script is going up for auction, this time this year’s upcoming Christmas Special – Twice Upon a Time. It’s signed by Peter Capaldi, David Bradley, Mart Gatiss (who’s donating the script) plus some others involved. You’ve got a while before it closes in mid-November however it won’t be cheap, the current bid is just over £2,000 but it’s for charity so the more the better.

Merch Corner

That grumpy Dalek throws us this week – all the deets on the upcoming Series 10 boxsets and another Who calendar for this year – Retro Visions.

“The Power of Three” Review

We haven’t seen Mr Smith, along with Amy and Rory, in a while so we’re looking forward to chewing the fat about this story written by our future show runner Mr Chibbers. Enjoyment x3 or fail?

Thank you so much as always for listening and sending us your reviews. Next week it’s The 3rd Doctor’s turn with The Time Warrior so get those dvd’s out. Until then have a great week and remember – Allons-y!


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