Doctor Who – Ep158: You are live, please do not swear

Hey Who fans. We hope you’re all well? This week has some Bessie news, plenty of merch and then our review of the 9th Doctor’s story – Bad Wolf.

The News

Bessie is not going into storage after a long stint at the now closed Doctor Who Experience. Instead she’s off to go on display at the Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire.

Merch Corner

Dalek Tat this week brings us; a couple of unofficial books from Steve Cambden and his time on the show working in effects, The Tom Baker Years dvd is now on sale, the long waited The Memoir of Sydney Newman will be with us next month and two new alternate commentaries are released from Fantom Films.

“Bad Wolf” Review

It had to happen one day. Yes, we’ve started that sad walk into our final reviews for Chris Eccleston’s time as The Doctor. We’re looking at the series one finale part one – Bad Wolf. Dated TV references (for some), suspense, deaths, naked Captain Jack, transmats and surprises this episode has it all. Are we gripped to this final story or does the disc get swiftly evicted from our blu ray/dvd players?

Thank you so much for listening as always! Next week we finish off our 9th Doctor reviews with The Parting of the Ways (sniff sniff) so get your reviews ready. Until then have a fantastic week and remember – Allons-y!


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