Doctor Who – Ep176: Wherefore Art Thou Witches

Welcome to Episode 176…

The News

A new book for charity is on the way – A Second Target for Tommy. Who author Tommy Donbavand recovered from cancer but has unfortunately developed a further tumour so some short stories have been put together PLUS the Moff has donated the unused script from The Day of the Doctor featuring what was meant to be scenes for Chris Eccleston. Pick up the book here.

Merch Corner

With February being the month of love what better to surprise your loved one than a TARDIS ring.

“The Shakespeare Code” Review

Not one that’s talked about often from the brilliant Series 3 but we’re going to dive in and see what’s going on. Cackling witches, strange deaths and an unusual historical character.

Thank you for joining us for 176. Next week’s review will be Image of the Fendahl. Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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