Doctor Who – Ep179: The Candy Man Caaaaaan

Welcome to Episode 179…

The News

The charity focused Bedford Charity Con is now offering 10% off tickets for their 4th event on Sat 7th April (via Doctor Who News) and Matt Smith does Desert Island Discs.

Merch Corner

The upcoming The Enemy of the World Special Edition DVD will be released a week late, the Lethbridge-Stewart range of books from Candy Jar will come to a close with the final book in the series The Man from Yesterday and that Tom Baker Series 12 Collectors Edition Blu Ray IS coming to the UK this June.

“The Happiness Patrol” Review

We dive into the post-Remembrance story of the McCoy era for a quirky three-parter. Often viewed as a silly, campy story it does cover up some very dark undertones. Do we think this one is sweet or sour?

Thank you for joining us for 179. Next week’s review will be The Sontaran Stratagem. Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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