Doctor Who – Ep183: Mythical Story and the, er, TOMTIT

Welcome to Episode 183…

The News

Fancy owning William Hartnell’s original script from An Unearthly Child? Well, you can if you have the monies as it’s going up for auction.

Merch Corner

Robert Harrop shows off their upcoming Mandrel figure. Nice.

“The Time Monster” Review

Back to classic Who for a 3rd Doctor story of time travel, mythical lands, characters and the infamous TOMTIT machine. Does this one deliver on its epic setting or does it flap around aimlessly like some kind of strange bird?

Thank you for joining us for 183. Next week we’re kicking off our first ever Torchwood review so get Everything Changes watched and your reviews ready. Have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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