Doctor Who – Ep194: Xenomorphs and Slush Puppies

Welcome to Episode 194…

The News

The BBC isn’t messing around with the recent leak and is off to court to track down and punish the naughty individual.

Merch Corner

The upcoming primer/volume 0 issue of the Thirteenth Doctor’s comic run starting this September has had some details released.

“Dragonfire” Review

Series 24 is an odd beast to contend with. McCoy’s first run around the block certainly divides opinion but how does this series finale hold up? Voted as McCoy’s most popular story around the time of the 40th anniversary, do we concur or are we left hanging. Literally?

Thank you for joining us for 194. Next week it’s Torchwood’s turn with¬†Cyberwoman.¬†Have a grrrrrreat week and until next time – Allons-y!


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