Doctor Who – Ep195: The Beast Below

Welcome to Episode 195…

The News

Plenty to cover from the last two weeks including… a confirmed Christmas Special(?), New Zealand channel nabs the broadcast rights for series 11 and we discuss the recently released teaser.

Merch Corner

A new 50th Anniversary book for Lethbridge-Stewart, plenty of 13th Doctor figures inbound from SDCC and those re-released DVD boxsets from the US.

“The Satan Pit” Review

Possessed Ood, big caverns and Alien-esque air vents make up this story for our review conclusion to this 10th Doctor two-parter. We up for this or do we wish the black hole would swallow us up?

Thank you for joining us for 195. Next week we jump back to the SJA with What Ever Happened to Sarah Jane? Have a super week and until next time – Allons-y!


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