Sarah Jane Adventures – Ep196: Beware Hooded Aliens

Welcome to Episode 196…

The News

The BBC and have teamed up to offer a Who-themed Escape Room starting later this year and get into all the Who details from last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con.

Merch Corner

DWM subscribers are going to get text-less covers from now on, the first 13th Doctor book to accompany the new series is out in Sep, the War Master is back at Big Finish and there’s a new Sonic Screwdriver in town.

“Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?” Review

A little bit of back story for our super-detective Sarah Jane this week accompanied by a very shady alien. Does our journey through the SJA happily continue or are we tricked into a dud?

Thank you for joining us for 196. Next week it’s classic Who and the Fifth Doctor is back for Snakedance. Have a super week and until next time – Allons-y!


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