Series 13 Resumes Production and Our Review of The Sarah Jane Adventures “Death of the Doctor”

The News

Series 13 has now resumed filming but due to COVID restrictions, it will be slightly reduced to 8 episodes instead of the usual 11. We also say goodbye to Geoffrey Palmer and you could win a VIP tour of the TARDIS set in Cardiff! Simply text DOCTOR to 81155 (it will charge a voluntary £10 but you can cancel within 60 minutes by texting the word CANCEL) and all proceeds go to Children in Need.

The Merch

A new bookazine(?) titled The Daleks is on the way with all the original comic strips digitally restored (if you can get one) and a bunch of figurine sets from Eaglemoss/Hero Collector are available now.

Review story this episode: SJA – Death of the Doctor

One of us had seen it, the other hadn’t. Are we in agreement that is loved story is one of the best SJA adventures or has time and fresh eyes changed our opinion?

Coming next week: The Invasion

Back to classic Who for our review of the 2nd Doctor serial The Invasion in its eight-part glory! Get comfy to watch this one and remember to keep an eye on the socials when we ask for your thoughts.

Thank you all for listening, and until then have a great week, take care of yourselves, stay healthy and remember – Allons-y and… Happy Halloween!


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