Doctor Who – Ep210: The Future of Amazon?

Welcome to Episode 210…

The News

A short documentary for William Hartnell released on the Doctor Who Appreciation Society YouTube channel, viewing figures for Demons of the Punjab and Kerblam! and the Xmas Special is now the New Year’s Day Special.

Merch Corner

Big Finish continues The Time War with Volume Two out in March next year and a few Who Black Friday deals on Amazon.

“Kerblam!” Review

Series 11 is ticking along quicker than we expected as we’re already at episode 7! Does this one deliver (pun intended) or does it suffer from some of our series 11 woes?

Thank you as always for joining us for 210. Next week will be our review of – The Witchfinders Until then have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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