Doctor Who – Ep215: Happy 2019 Who fans

Welcome back Who fans, we hope you all had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all. We’re kicking 2019 off with a coat of new paint on the website and a new intro to the podcast. Without further ado…

The News

We hate starting off a show (and a new year) on sad news but June Whitfield and William Sheppard left us, there’s a new Cosmic Masque from DWAS and a bunch of new high-quality audio recordings from early Who have been found.

Merch Corner

The War Master will battle The Eighth Doctor is the upcoming Rage of the Timelords and the kid’s mag Doctor Who Adventures is back for a one-off special jam-packed with cool Who goodies.

“Resolution” Review

Our final Thirteenth Doctor review until next year, 2018 did go quick! We ended series 11 feeling a bit flat so does this provide a suitable exit and leave us wanting more of Jodie and the team or is this an unfortunate continuation on poor writing etc from The Chibbers?

Thank you for joining us for 214. Next week we’ll be back to our usual schedule and it will be The Day of the Clown from The Sarah Jane Adventures. Until then have a great week and until next time – Allons-y!


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