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For the past month we have been trialing out Discord as a place for Who fans to hang out and considering we’re in for more lockdown we’re opening it up to all.

We’ve been on the socials since starting the podcast and that’s obviously great for interacting with our listeners and readers but that’s spread across multiple channels. I wanted to have a central place where people could hang out, chat all the Who they wanted and feel safe doing so.

It’s also cool to chat with myself and our writing team directly 👍

Join the Big Blue Box Discord server
Join the Big Blue Box Discord server

We already have a great community building and we’d love to see you there. There are various channels to discuss modern and classic Who; events and conventions; Big Finish and plenty more. We also announce new podcast episodes and articles.

You’ll need a Discord account (which is free) and the app itself which is available on pretty much everything. Once you’re sorted with that head to the link below and you’ll be in…

Thanks Who fans and will see you over there.


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