Beautiful New 7th Doctor Special Collector’s Edition

German Company Pandastorm Just Dropped Some Awesome

Listeners of the podcast will know that Adam and I love merch. Yep, we love that sweet merch. I can’t tell you how many times over the years that I’ve got a text or Twitter DM from Adam that started with the words “Have you seen…” and then numerous messages back forth consisting of “Yep, I’m in” or “Are you crazy? I want to stay married this month”.  That second reply is usually prompted by merch that’s particularly expensive. Sometimes though, a piece of merch drops that is a bit costly but you look at it and think, in the style of The Fonz, aaaaaaaaaaaalright.

That’s how I felt when I was researching merch for this week’s show. I came across a couple of Doctor Who news sites each showing this and I immediately thought “Wow, that is beautiful”.

7th Doctor Special Collector's Edition - Box Art
7th Doctor Special Collector’s Edition – Box Art

C’mon. It looks awesome right? Yeah it does. It seems to have come out of nowhere too, I hadn’t heard about it prior to it being announced as we usually have our ears to the ground on upcoming releases. Panadastorm – you went stealth with this one.

Back to my point, it looks awesome. The cover art is wonderful. It’s a slightly different pose for McCoy that we haven’t seen everywhere before and the three Gods of Ragnarok make a great backdrop. It’s this overall look that sells it immediately, without even seeing the contents within. There are no pictures as yet of the back.

The outside slipcase art is identical to the book that it conceals, containing 52 pages of 7th Doctor story goodness. Show runner for Who during McCoy’s era – Andrew Cartmel, has written texts on every story especially for this release. An example page from the pre-order images looks amazing; beautiful full page artwork with plenty of text. You can tell they haven’t scrimped on quality here.

The set in all its glory
The set in all its glory

Drooling over the book – done. Now, the DVD’s. All 17 of them, containing all of McCoy’s stories (except The TV Movie but some wouldn’t class that as a McCoy story per se). Another tick in the box is the design of the discs with a progression of colours as you go through the set. The main reason this stands out, not just the colours, is the decision to actually do it. I have a couple of re-releases from the BBC where the DVD is the same disc as the original release, just packaged up in new cover art.

The content across those DVD’s looks great too. We have all the stories that we know throughout the McCoy era but with a couple of special editions. They have included the extended edit of Battlefield, the movie version of The Curse of Fenric and an 84 minute extended edition of Silver Nemesis. There’s 24 hours of bonus material plus a special disc (no 17) that’s exclusive to this set that features the BBC America documentary Doctor Who – Seventh Doctor – Revisited, a new interview with Andrew Cartmel and a restoration of the lost “Extended Edition” of The Legacy the Nemesis. Nice.

Content across the 17 DVD's
Content across the 17 DVD’s

Ok so, you’ve read the blurb, you’ve seen the pics but you don’t live in Germany. Fear not, the DVD’s are region free (according to the site) and the book’s main text looks to all be in English with German translations for the titles. There could be German translations elsewhere but there are no images to confirm that. The cover art and subsequent book’s main title is in German – “Siebeter Doktor” which translates simply as “Seventh Doctor” (as one would have assumed) but hey, it’s primarily a German release after all.

At €150 (about £135 at the time of writing) plus shipping it’s certainly not cheap, however, you do have to appreciate the gorgeous design and the fact that everything that’s been released featuring the 7th Doctor is in there (again, minus the TV Movie but see above) plus a couple of bits we haven’t seen before. If you’re a fan of McCoy it’s a sweet set to own. It has the same feel as the Regenerations boxset that was released a few years ago and is now quite sought after. It’s limited to 1,000 pieces and if you order before the 19th November your name goes on the credits on the bonus disc. Another nice little feature that makes up a unique and beautiful set.

Head over to the site to check it out and make your purchase if you so desire.

Crush the lesser races! Conquer the galaxy! Unimaginable power! Unlimited rice pudding! Et cetera! Et cetera!


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