We’re Opening the TARDIS Doors… to You!

UPDATE: We’re on the lookout again for talented writers. The below still applies so have a read and if you feel like joining us and can contribute regularly get in touch. Allons-y!

Over the past couple of years, Adam and I have always strived to try and get content out to you every week without fail. As you know, we’ve often rearranged trips, holidays, jobs etc so we can still record the show and get it live on a Friday. Over the last couple of months I have been thinking, however; “how can we bring you more Doctor Who content?”. We have an awesome looking website built on WordPress yet it’s only function is to serve up our podcast audio file each week. That in itself is not a bad thing but we have a lot of site and bandwidth and we’re not really making the most of it.

How can we get more stuff out between shows and get you guys engaging and building a community around the site more?

The answer, we have come up with, lies with you. Yes, you. Whether you’re a loyal listener who’s been with us since the beginning or you’re a casual listener. Or maybe you’ve never heard of us, you are still potentially a cog in our larger series of wheels turning the TARDIS each week.

What does this mean then? I’m glad you asked. What we’d like is to take on one or two additional members into our team to contribute blog posts every week. Now, before you get too excited and start whipping out the cosplay and Sonic Screwdrivers, we’re not looking for people to appear on the podcast show (although the odd spot here and there is likely). We’re after keen writers with good writing skills that are Doctor Who fans/enthusiasts/lovers like ourselves who could sit in a room (by themselves at times) and talk Who all day. This is what we’re looking for:

  1. Someone who loves Doctor Who and has a decent amount of knowledge about the show.
  2. Someone who loves to write and put their feelings down on paper (really – keyboard).
  3. Someone who has the motivation to submit at least one article every week (it could be a review of some merch, your thoughts on why the Drashigs are terrible, a report from a convention you just attended or you wake up one day and think “why did the TARDIS materialise on a rainbow” and decide to write about TARDIS materialisation/dematerialisations over the years).
  4. Someone who wants to share their thoughts on Who but doesn’t necessarily have the time to set up their own blog.
  5. Someone who encourages a sense of community and happy to discuss their articles within comments and social media.

It’s important to note that this will be unpaid, we don’t even pay ourselves. We do it for the love of Doctor Who which is why we’re looking for people of that mindset.

So how do you “apply”? If you’re interested we’d like you to email us with your name, Twitter name, why you think you’d be a great addition and either a sample article about anything Doctor Who related or a link to any recent articles you may have written (not necessarily Doctor Who). Send it over to We’ll spend a few days reading through your awesome articles and we’ll be in touch with the people who we feel could be part of the team.

We hope this will be a great addition to The Big Blue Box and really promotes more fan community and discussion.

We look forward to chatting with you and here’s to the next phase of our journey.

Garry and Adam.


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