Doctor Who: Series 5 – Pitch

These series of pitches have been a lot of fun to write, getting to put down what I would do and the sort of stories I would want to tell if I was the showrunner. Going into the Fifth series, we’d be running alongside Series 1 of A Charitable Earth and Series 5 of Doctor Who would be followed by the first series of UNIT. Also continuing in Series 5 of Doctor Who would be the second episode of the four-part crossover story, Conversion which sees the Cybermen from the Troughton story, The Invasion attempting to convert Modern-Day-London. It will also mark the first time that the Doctor’s companions, George and Nate, will meet the Cybermen.

Series 5 will also see a lot of changes as well as bringing back one of my favourite monsters in the show that I’ve always wanted to see return, the Mara, who will appear in the opening two-part tale as well as episode’s 6 and 7. The changes to the series will see all the Doctor’s companions being written out of the series. This includes the Master who, over the course of the previous series, gradually came to enjoy the Doctor’s lifestyle, going through another Missy redemption arc. All three-companions will leave in the four-part finale, which will see them all getting trapped in a Dark Mirror Universe.

Although shows like Star Trek have done Mirror Universe episodes and arcs, I’ve always been surprised that Doctor Who has never done something similar. It would also allow if they wished, a number of previous stars to return to the Doctor Who universe in a fun and fresh way. Below will be a brief history of the Mirror Universe, which will see characters like Romana and Susan returning as well as looking at the Daleks as a force for good, when Davros is seriously injured in an explosion set by an evil Doctor.

By the end of Series 5, we’ll see the Doctor going off on his travels alone, with all his companions having left in different and exciting ways.

The series will end with a four-part adventure in an Inferno-esc parallel world.
The series will end with a four-part adventure in an Inferno-esc parallel world.

The Main Players:

The Doctor: Over the course of the last four series, the Doctor has gone on quite a journey from finding brand new friends to rediscovering his friendship with his childhood buddy, the Master, this is the happiest we’ve ever seen the Doctor. Travelling with George, Nate and the Master seems to agree with him. It’s a shame then that all that is about to change. With the reintroduction of the Mara, the Doctor has to face the idea he’ll lose another friend like he lost Elisabeth at the end of Series 2 and in the four-part finale, he literally has to look himself in the face and see all the darker elements of his character brought out to play in an evil version of himself. It’s here that the bonds he’s forged with the Master are shattered and he has to say goodbye to George and Nate. The start of the series sees him happy and excited for his future travels. The end of the series leaves him cold, angry, upset and travelling alone. What will happen to him in Series 6?

George Atkins: George, like the Doctor, has never been happier. But that is forcing a wedge in his relationship with Nate and George does fear that their adventures together are going to end soon. When they arrive on the Paradise planet, Nirvana, George finds himself falling under the dark influence of the Mara. A creature that removes all the inhibitions George has. Since Deva Loka, the Mara has changed and adapted and the Doctor isn’t too sure what will be left of George’s mind when he performs a psychic exorcism to free his friend. There are a number of different adventures throughout this series which will ask George what he really wants. Going into the finale, George knows he wants a life of adventure, married to Nate and upon escaping the Mirror Universe, George bids a farewell to the Doctor.

Nate Wallis: Nate has always been a reluctant traveller in the TARDIS. While he did enjoy himself in Series 2, following Elisabeth’s death, he was forced to wonder what would happen if George died. Would he ever know? So he stuck around. But now he’s growing tired of this life and wants to belong to a specific time and space. And he wants to marry George and have a normal life. Going into the finale, he has to face the idea that he’ll never get home but proposes anyway. No one is more surprised than him when George says yes. Now he has to make sure that they all get back to the normal universe so that they can have the life they deserve.

Series 5 will see the Master, George and Nate all leave. The Master, either played by Daniel Sharman or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers will be trapped in the Mirror Universe.
Series 5 will see the Master, George and Nate all leave. The Master, either played by Daniel Sharman or Jonathan Rhys-Meyers will be trapped in the Mirror Universe.

The MasterNo one is more surprised than the Master at the journey he’s gone on over the last series. When he was trapped in the Land of Fiction, he integrated himself into the Doctor’s fictional world he created to save his companions from death. Infiltrating the Doctor’s Angels, the Doctor also managed to save the Master from the collapse of that universe. Since then, the Master had to trust the Doctor to get him somewhere safe but along the way, that trust led to friendship once again. It’s clear how much the Doctor likes having his old friend around again. He’s not even tried to kill George and Nate.

The Master really came into his own at the end of Series 4 with the Sutekh storyline where the fate of all creation rests in his hands. But when they all arrive in the Mirror Universe, the bonds the Doctor and Master have forged are quickly beginning to break down. In the end, the Doctor can’t reach his old friend in time and the Master is trapped in the Mirror Universe, separating them from each other. This will leave the next showrunner with the option to bring the Master back, this time with a new hatred of the Doctor, believing himself to have been betrayed by a man he came to call his friend again.

Supporting Characters:

Susie Atkins: Seen in episodes 4, 8, 13 and the Christmas Special, Susie finds herself propelled into the chaos of the Doctor’s world. Watching her son in a live ghost hunt in episode 4, she fears for his safety as things start to kick off but its when the Cybermen begin their invasion of Earth in the crossover story, Conversion that she really sees the danger the whole world is in. She finds herself not only reunited with her son and his friends but also meets the charity A Charitable Earth, UNIT and Torchwood as they all try to get their families to safety. It’s in this episode that Nate asks for her blessing to marry her son and she’s there to greet her son and fiancé when they leave in the finale. She will also play a large part in the Christmas special. But her character has gone through an arc through the last four series, hating the Doctor for taking her son away but gradually coming to love him for giving George a new look and love for life.

The Mara: One of my favourite villains from the original series, The Mara is a creature that I’m surprised has never returned. Here though, it’ll be even more powerful thanks to the Time Lord’s meddling with it during the Time War. In Kinda, it was a creature with patience, slowly taking over Tegan’s mind until it had full control, now its driven insane by hunger and the need to consume minds. The Time Lords tried to harness its powers and knowledge from the old universe it inhabited for their own gain to drive the Daleks insane. Unfortunately, their experiments didn’t succeed and all they achieved was in creating an even deadlier creature. For the first time, the Doctor feels truly hopeless facing one of his old adversaries.

The Trickster: Last seen in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, the Trickster has spent centuries recuperating and gathering his strength planning an attack that will bend the universe to his will. And now he has done it. Throughout the two-part adventure he has, we see the Trickster offer the worst and most evil figures in history a chance to live forever. In doing so, he changes history across the entire universe. This leads to a Dark Reign where all those people rule our galaxy with iron fists. The Trickster has finally won, defeating Sarah Jane before she is even born. But he doesn’t count on the Doctor and his other friends. When the Doctor defeats him this time, he is believed to be dispersed into atoms, scattered across the galaxy. We’ll see him again in A Charitable Earth, in the finale for that show’s second series, The Confrontation of Dorothy McShane.

The Mara will return in this series, as well as Series 6.
The Mara will return in this series, as well as Series 6.

A Brief History of the Doctor Who Mirror Universe:

For many years the Mirror Universe developed like the Prime-Universe. However, there was one major difference on Earth with the Nazi’s winning the Second World War. In retaliation, the surviving members of the allies banded together to launch a nuclear attack. However, the Nazi’s got there first and destroyed much of America. As a result, things took a very dark path. Much like we saw in Inferno, heavy emphasis is placed on science and military might.

There was a lot of exploration into space travel and after having gotten to the Moon, the Earth empire placed a base there, to look into the idea of controlling the weather. At the same time, the first explorers made landfall on Mars. When the crew of Bowie Base were killed by the Flood, another group was sent to find out what happened. When they arrived at the ruined base to find the Ice Warriors. What ensues becomes the first Earth-Mar’s War.

On Gallifrey, a Time Lord by the name of the Doctor has made an alliance with a planet Skaro, to help end the great Vampire War. Once Gallifrey and Skaro win the war, the Doctor, now president, has become infected with the Vampire taint. He, his wife Romana, daughter Susan and his mistress, River Song plan to destroy the Kaleds before they can become a threat to the universe too. The Doctor sees an explosion in a laboratory seemingly kill Davros and then using the device, The Hand of Omega, they turn the sun of Skaro supernova, obliterating the planet.

This action sees the Doctor removed from office by the rest of Gallifrey and imprisoned in Shada. Romana, River Song and Susan flee.

By a small miracle, Earth has won in its war against Mars and has now formed an alliance with the powerful Ice Warriors and they head out into the universe to conquer many other worlds and galaxies. Any that don’t surrender are destroyed. But word quickly gets back to their command that the Doctor has escaped and heading to find the legendary Doomsday Weapon. Instead of going to war with other worlds, Earth, Mars and many other planets are forced into an uneasy alliance to stop him.

Davros didn’t die in the explosion and in memory of his dead race, creates the Daleks, the ultimate justice-machine. He programmes them with one directive: destroy the Doctor and anyone associated with him. But thanks to the Doctor’s tampering, cracks in the wall of reality are beginning to form and things from different universes are falling through, including a blue police box…

The Trickster will return to face off against the Doctor in a two-part story.
The Trickster will return to face off against the Doctor in a two-part story.

The Series:

1. A Nest of Vipers – Part 1

Arriving on the planet Nirvana for a little rest and relaxation, the Doctor’s holiday is quickly interrupted by George who is starting to act strangely. The Master discovers that the people of Nirvana, while happy with intergalactic tourists worship a great snake god in the jungles of the planet and Nate finds his relationship tested in the extreme with everyone. George has succumbed to the god of Nirvana which takes the form of a giant snake. When the people of Nirvana kidnap him, believing him to be the living embodiment of their deity, the Doctor realises he now has to face the Mara once again…

2. Snakes in the Garden – Part 2

With the Mara having found form in George it sets about infesting the minds of the inhabitants of the planet Nirvana. With most of the planet succumbing, the Doctor and Nate plan to perform a psychic exorcism to rid the Mara from George and the planet. The Master plans to look after their bodies while they are in the Mara’s landscape but he has his work cut out for him when the inhabitants of Nirvana come looking to kill the strangers. Trapped in the mind of Mara, The Doctor and Nate face a race against time to free George and defeat the Mara before it can establish a homeworld for itself.

George will fall under the influence of the Mara in the opening two-part story.
George will fall under the influence of the Mara in the opening two-part story.

3. The Dark Samurai

With George still recovering from the evil of the Mara, the Doctor and Master decide it would be best if they all headed somewhere uncomplicated. The pair plan to head to the real Castrovalva this time but instead the TARDIS brings them to Japan in the early 1800s. It doesn’t take them long to learn that this is Feudal Japan when all strangers weren’t allowed. But the Master pledges to protect a small town from the mysterious Dark Samurai, who will have his bride at any cost. Even the blood of a Time Lord has to spill to get what he wants.

4. Live

Malachi Mansion is a very haunted house. So haunted that a new ghost-hunting show has decided to investigate there. With ghostly nuns with bloody hands, a strange dark figure and poltergeist that is proving dangerous for anyone who enters the property, it promises to be a very interesting live programme on primetime television. Susie tunes in to see George, Nate, the Doctor and the Master joining the investigation as various experts in the paranormal field. But an old god is trying to break free and using anyone who is watching the programme as part of a massive séance to break into our dimension. Can the Doctor stop the programme before the world as we know it ends?

The Master will face off against the mysterious Dark Samurai
The Master will face off against the mysterious Dark Samurai

5. The Angel of Death – Part 1

Nero, Caligula, Genghis Khan, Henry VIII, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler. Some of the cruellest, evilest people to have walked the Earth have been given a second chance. Just before their deaths, a dark-angel came to visit them and offered them the chance to live again. There is just one condition, they have to work towards a common goal, the destruction of Earth and then the universe.

They are all now allies of the Trickster, an alien evil thwarted many times by Sarah Jane Smith. Now he has set his sights on a way he can really win this time. The Trickster Brigade will win this time and conquer or destroy the universe.

6. Victory of the Trickster – Part 2

With history in tatters and the universe under the domination of the Trickster Brigade, The Doctor, Master, George and Nate have just one hope, they have to destroy the Trickster Brigade from the inside. Pitting the villains against each other, the Trickster’s rule will be over and history set right once again.

There is just one little snag, they have to get past Nazi’s, Roman Legions and the Mongolian Army first. Will they succeed or will they all lose their heads for their troubles? Has the Trickster finally won this time?

7. Grand Theft TARDIS

When George and Nate were captured and tortured in the previous adventure, The Mara broke through into our universe once again and used George’s mind to do so. Now the Mara has control of the TARDIS and can go anywhere. Using George, it ejected the Doctor, Master and Nate from the time machine and is running rampant across the time stream.

The Doctor, Nate and the Master must all use a damaged Vortex Manipulator to follow the TARDIS’s energy signature. But they can catch up before the Mara completely destroys George’s mind and has him under its power forevermore?

Part 2 of Conversion will see The Invasion era Cyberman and will be the first time George and Nate meet them
Part 2 of Conversion will see The Invasion era Cyberman and will be the first time George and Nate meet them

8. Conversion – Part 2

Part One of this story will take place in A Charitable Earth – Series 1.

When Ace uses the TARDIS recall device to bring the Doctor to help in the battle against the Cybermen leftover from The Invasion, George and Nate find themselves facing the metal meanies for the first time. A Charitable Earth, UNIT and Torchwood are also struggling to get a hold of people’s families and the idea of the Master being reformed. The Doctor though is a little distracted and enjoying meeting many of his old companions and friends, but unbeknown to everyone involved, the Cybermen have created mass Conversion-Chambers and have begun their conversion of the population of London.

Their Cyber-Planner is trying to contact the Cyber-Race and the Cyber-Controller has seen evidence of the Doctor and his friends being involved. He sets a plan in motion to capture some of the Doctor’s friends to hold as a bargaining chip. Their lives for the people of London and the future of the Cyber-Race…

Conversion will continue with Episode 3 in UNIT: Series 1

9. Into the Dark Labyrinth

Following the Cybermen’s failed invasion attempt, the Doctor takes his friends on a relaxing trip to Ancient Greece. He plans to let his friends spend a week laying in the sun and getting a tan, while he performs some repair work on the TARDIS. But the Master isn’t one for lying around all day, instead, he convinces George and Nate in joining his exploration of the Dark Labyrinth, something he had heard about from his days in Atlantis.

What the Master, George and Nate don’t know is that the Dark Labyrinth is a trap, a device to torment those unfortunate enough to stumble across it with their darkest thoughts and feelings. The deeper in you go the worse it gets and George and Nate find themselves having to face off against The Master’s darkest demons.

10. The Gateway to Eternity – Part 1

Arriving onboard an old space-station that is about to fall apart at any moment, the TARDIS gang find themselves in an old Time Lord base, this time exploring the Multiverse. The Doctor and the Master know all about the dangers of parallel universes and when they all find themselves trapped in a Dark Universe, George and Nate soon discover that the universe has a lot of possibilities.

This is a universe where the Doctor is a criminal, recently escaped from a prison called Shada and wanted for crimes against the universe. He was aided by his wives, Romana and River Song, also wanted from crimes against the universe. But when the authorities capture the wrong Doctor, George, Nate and The Master must form alliances with old friends and enemies to rescue their friend.

Romana albeit a future incarnation will appear as an evil version in the mirror universe
Romana albeit a future incarnation will appear as an evil version in the mirror universe

11. Through the Looking Glass – Part 2

Having freed the Doctor; George, Nate and The Master, find themselves on the trail of the Mirror-Doctor, who is travelling to the planet Uxarieus, where the inhabitants have created a Doomsday Weapon, a weapon that can destroy entire universes. The Mirror-Doctor plans to destroy the Milky-Way and rid the universe of Earth & Mars, which hold the rebellion, an army of thousands of species opposed to the Doctor’s plans.

Heading to Earth the Doctor-Prime from our universe has to aid the rebellion in stopping the Doctor. George meets his mother, a bitter and twisted version of her and Nate meets a different version of George. A George who has lost everything. A George who grew up in a world where anything outside of ‘normal’ was beaten out of people. And this George is very cold and dangerous.

12. The Good Daleks – Part 3

There was a time when the Doctor and Davros worked together for the greater good of the universe. But then the Doctor went rogue and left Davros broken and scarred in an explosion. But Davros didn’t die. Instead, he built himself a life support unit and created the Mark-3 Travel Machines, soon to be known as Daleks, an anagram of Kaled, as a way of remembering his species following Skaro being destroyed because of a supernova.

But Davros knows what the Doctor did and he’s given the Daleks a mission. Exterminate the Doctor for the greater good of the whole galaxy. The Mirror Doctor is on Uxarieus and the Daleks aren’t far behind, but who will get to the Doomsday Weapon first?

Davros and the Daleks will also return in the mirror universe
Davros and the Daleks will also return in the mirror universe

13. The Death of the Universe – Part 4

With everyone on Uxarieus, the two Doctors go to war, while George, Nate and Master must stop the Daleks and the Mirror-Doctor’s allies and the Earth-Mars Alliance has to fight the Daleks, intent on exterminating both Doctors. The Doomsday Weapon is up for grabs and only one side can win.

There are betrayals, surprising alliances and Nate chooses the moment to propose. But happiness doesn’t last too long as the Doctor finds a way home but this time, not everyone is going to get back…

Christmas Special: The White Wedding

With George and Nate having left the Doctor, a year has passed for them. They’ve been busy, making a new life for themselves, buying a house, a car, paying a mortgage and planning a wedding. They’ve invited everyone but their wedding will have some unwanted guests.

The Doctor is in attendance too and something from in the vortex has followed the TARDIS, something that traps the venue in the vortex, removing everything else around it. Can the Doctor save everyone and will George and Nate finally manage to tie the knot, before they all vanish forever?

River Song and Susan will also reappear in the Mirror Universe saga, along with a number of other familar characters!
River Song and Susan will also reappear in the Mirror Universe saga, along with a number of other familar characters!


And there you have it, my pitch for Series 5 of Doctor Who if I were showrunner. As described above, it’ll see some major changes, including the departure of all the companions. The Master is trapped in a parallel universe, while George and Nate leave to get married and have their own life. I would like the series to end much like the heart-breaking departure in The Green Death, with the Doctor walking off into the sunset on his own.

Don’t worry, George and Nate will have a great life and in Series 6, we will catch up with them but when the series returns for my final proper Doctor Who series, the Doctor will have a new companion in tow, as well being called back to Earth to meet up with an old friend. George and Nate will return, though much older, which will mean the actors needed to wear aged makeup.

George will go on to become a novelist, novelising many of the adventures he had with the Doctor and Nate goes on to follow his dreams, he becomes a successful lawyer and sees that justice is handed out nicely. The Doctor would be very proud of the pair. They’ll adopt two children as babies and call them, Elisabeth and Zak and move to a big house in the country, where they’ll enjoy their retirement. Thanks to the Doctor, they have discovered a love for travel and see every country on the planet. But we’ll find out what happened in their life over the course of the next series.

The Mara plays a big part in this series for a specific reason as it’ll be the reason for a few things to happen in the next series. But it appears in a few episodes this episode to really show the hold it has over George. Series 6 is where my run on Doctor Who will end, though I’ll carry on with the spin-off ideas, there are some great things coming. But for the Doctor, George and Nate, things are going to come to an end…


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