My Doctor Who Pitch: Series 3

As I move into my pitch for a hypothetical third series, the stories and relationships for the Doctor and companions will become much more challenging for the time-travellers. With Elisabeth having perished at the end of the previous series, Series 3 will have a new sense of danger, as George and Nate have been awoken to the real dangers of time-travel and while it is a wonderful gift to be given, it doesn’t come without a cost.

You may have also noticed that over the last couple of series the two perhaps biggest villains of the series have been notably absent, the Daleks and the Cybermen. I’ve always seen them as the monsters the Doctor fears the most and should be treated as something to be afraid of. The end of series 3 will bring back the Daleks in a big way, as well as see the return of Davros and the time-lock around the Time-War beginning to break down…

The Main Players

The Doctor: Still quirky and brash, the Doctor suffered a terrible loss and shock when Elisabeth Watts died at the end of the previous series. The Doctor had grown reckless and had endangered the lives of his friends in the process. Following Elisabeth’s death, this is a Doctor who is much more careful, never really letting his companions out of his sight and always making they aren’t in any danger in any situation they find themselves in. As a result, the desire to keep his friends safe sometimes angers and endangers the lives of the guest characters around him. But this Doctor still has hearts in the right places and still cares about everyone. His reckless streak has gone, now replaced by a sense of fear and dread throughout their travels, something that will change the way the Doctor looks at the universe around him.

George Atkins: George had his eyes opened to the real dangers of time-travel throughout the last series. While for him, the first series of adventures could be scary, it was ultimately a lot of fun, getting to meet historical figures and visit the future. During the second series as the adventures grew more dangerous, he struggled to keep his optimism up, especially when they were faced with the idea of having to live in the 15th century. Following the death of his friend, he abandoned the Doctor, choosing the Valeyard instead to take him home. He does feel a sense of guilt both about Elisabeth’s death and his treatment of the Doctor. But series 3 will find him rediscovering the sense of wonder and excitement for the universe he previously had. Though he does grow a little weary of the Doctor’s newfound sense of over-protection and that does add a sense of tension at the end of this series.

Nate Wallis:  Nate is still relatively new to this lifestyle and is still finding his feet somewhat. Like George, Nate had to face the dangers of time-travel in the previous series and isn’t too sure its for him, even though he does enjoy it. Like the Doctor, Nate comes into these adventures with a little bit of a nervous streak, handling the situations much differently to George who throws himself into the action. Nate and George are still in a loving relationship, even if their different approaches to their adventures sometimes put them at odds. However, throughout the course of this series and going into the fourth series, he does begin to gain a sense of excitement and realises what a gift the Doctor has given him but choosing him to travel with them.

The two-part finale will see the return of Davros and the Daleks
The two-part finale will see the return of Davros and the Daleks

Supporting Characters

Susie Atkins: While Susie still doesn’t understand George’s new lifestyle and hasn’t really accepted that he is travelling throughout the universe, she was there for George and Nate when they came back to Earth and she had met Elisabeth and helped them through their grief at losing their friend. However, she does whole-heartedly support their relationship and wouldn’t let anyone hurt her son, despite what emotional-distances there might be between mother and son. She calls George to help when people begin to die under mysterious circumstances in the fourth episode and later meets up with her son in the eighth and eleventh episodes when the TARDIS returns to modern-day. She gradually sees the good the Doctor, George and Nate are doing and finally accepts that George was missing excitement in his life and thanks to the Doctor for giving him a zest for life again.

Madeline and Simon Wallis: Introduced in the third series is Nate’s parents. However, unlike Susie, they haven’t accepted their son. This will allow for some commentary on LGBT subjects and offer views on them. However, they do love their son, but their lack of acceptance has pushed their son away. Nate doesn’t even really call them his parents anymore. We’ll meet them in the fourth and eleventh episode, though they won’t play a big part in the overall plot of those episodes like Susie does and this will help add to the distance between them and their son. However, they do but heads with the Doctor over his open-minded approach to life.

Davros: While he doesn’t really appear until the final two-episodes, Davros will form a large part of that plot. While the Daleks are still the Daleks, a terrifying force of extermination, this is a much more scheming Davros. We also these Daleks in the Time-War as the time-lock surrounding the events are breaking down. Davros will do anything to save himself and the Daleks and destroy the Time-Lords. And he’ll harness the pure power of the Nightmare Child to do it…

The Series

The first series would run for thirteen episodes, the second twelve. This third series will go back to running for thirteen, including the Christmas or New Year’s special. Over the course of the series, we’ll see a lot more horror-orientated episodes, simply because I love the horror genre so much and I think Doctor Who is at its absolute best when it can, if you pardon the expression, send people diving behind the sofa!

Series 3 will see the return of the strange Blue Angels, first seen in the Christmas Special for Series 1, O’ Little Town of Bethlehem in the third episode as well as The Earworms, strange creatures that travel through musical sound-waves and destroy human brains, they will appear in the fourth episode. Also being introduced is the Mechanicals, a group of androids who require winding up and harbour a deep-rooted hatred for anyone organic, they will feature in episodes six and 7 which will form a two-part story. And finally, we’ll be introduced to The Krell, in episodes nine and ten, which will form another two-part story. The Krell are carnivorous reptile creatures who will infest a world and gradually subjugate and destroy the population of a planet they conquer.

And we’ll be seeing the return of some classic villains alongside Davros and the Daleks. They include the Daemons, Fendahl and the Ice Warriors. This series won’t feature any pure historical adventures, though when handling real historical people, they’ll stay faithful to their real-life counterparts. Each episode below features a blurb.

1. The Witchfinder General

Arriving in a small village in Suffolk in 1646, the Doctor and friends find the villagers in the grip of terror. Livestock is being killed and there are rumours of a coven of witches who hold their sabots deep in the surrounding woods. So terrified are the villagers that they’ve called in an expert on these matters, someone who will put a stop to whatever is happening permanently.

But the Doctor, George and Nate are newcomers to the village and are immediately under suspicion and when rumour spreads that they arrived out of thin air in a blue carriage straight from the gates of hell, they find themselves imprisoned. When the Doctor is freed by a mysterious cult who take him into the woods, he must face down the power of the Daemons, whose experiments are currently being conducted, seeing how far human fear will go.

George and Nate meanwhile have to fend for themselves as Matthew Hopkins rides into town, determined to do the lords work and take out his own sadistic tendencies on the locals who called him in. And it isn’t long before George and Nate find themselves pitting their wits against the infamous Witchfinder General…

2. Core of the Fendahl

Narrowly escaping the vicious actions performed by Matthew Hopkins, the Doctor sets the TARDIS to send them far away. The TARDIS team and flung into the far future when future archaeologists are investigating the remains of a long-dead species on a long-dead planet. Each one of the skeletons as a pentagram scratched into their skulls.

The Doctor saw something similar a long time ago on Earth and warns them of what it could mean, the Fendahl are looking to break back into this universe and dominate the galaxy and planet after planet will fall in their shadow.

With members of the archaeology team dropping like flies and becoming Fendahleen, they need the Core of the Fendahl to manifest properly. The Doctor must dig into his knowledge of Time-Llord mythology to try to save the day, while the Fendahl have set their sights on George and Nate. And there is one thing you mustn’t do when it comes to the Fendahl, its look, all it takes is one quick glance to fall under their power…

Core of the Fendahl will see the return of the titular Fendahl and the Fendahleen
Core of the Fendahl will see the return of the titular Fendahl and the Fendahleen

3. The Haunting of Marsh House

Marsh House has a reputation for being one of the most haunted houses in Britain. That’s why a group of amateur-Victorian-ghost hunters have decided to rent the home for a weekend, to investigate the claims of mysterious Blue Angels who roam the house.

The Doctor, George and Nate met the Blue Angels a long time ago in Bethlehem but stopped their invasion. The Doctor explains that ghosts are just a result of the friction of the reality when the boundaries between parallel universes collide. But the Blue Angels are using that natural occurrence to try and come back into the real world.

They also know that the Angels aren’t as angelic as they claim and have to put a stop to their plans of global domination but they have survived a terrifying séance first…

4. The Devil’s Track

When Susie Atkins calls her son and begs him to come home to help them, the Doctor and the gang are thrown into a strange plot hatched by the legendary Earworms. They are creatures who travel using sound-waves created by music and latch onto the pleasure centre of the human brain whenever they hear the music the Earworms are using. More frightening for Nate though is having to deal with his own parents which brings its own heap of trouble.

A tune, labelled The Devil’s Track is sweeping across the globe slowly turning those who hear it insane as the Earworms use the human brain as hosts. When the fully formed Earworms break free of the human body, the host dies and people are dying in their thousands.

Will the combined force of the Doctor, George, Nate, Susie and UNIT be able to halt The Devil’s Track and stop the Earworms once and for all?

5. Planet of the Robots: Part 1

Arriving on a strange new world in the distant future, the Doctor, George and Nate find a world of androids called, The Mechanics, who like wind-up toys of old, require winding up to function.

The Mechanics, however, have been kicked off Earth and its colonies following a series of deaths thanks to a malfunction in a batch of early androids.

Because of this, The Mechanics have a deep-rooted mistrust of humans and they have hatched a plan to destroy the planet earth. They have created devices to keep themselves chronologically attached the fabric of creation, while they’ll send a chrono-wave back through time to kill humans as it crawls out of the primordial soup…

The Ice Warriors will return in Red Snow
The Ice Warriors will return in Red Snow

6. The Rift-Valley War Part 2

With the Doctor, George and Nate having escaped the Mechanics world, they find themselves trying to protect the early ancestors of modern-day humans.

The Mechanics’ chrono-wave was averted but now they themselves are travelling back through time to destroy the race which created and rejected them. They intend to poison the water supply and kill ‘The First Family’, the current-carrying the poison out to other areas of early humanity.

The Doctor, George and Nate have to see the Mechanics plan halted, even if it means they have to sacrifice themselves to do it…

7. Red Snow

The TARDIS once again brings the Doctor and his friends to Russia, this time a little after the death of Rasputin and the end of the first world war. In the grip of a cold winter, they find themselves travelling to Siberia to where a team of explorers recently returned with a strange find.

In a makeshift laboratory, the Doctor finds himself coming face to face with the familiar form of an Ice Warrior. Grandmaster-General Ruddak has brought conflict to Earth and he intends to let the snow run red with the blood of his enemies, be them alien or human.

8. The Happy Dead

Having promised to visit more often, George returns to modern-day to see his mother and tell her all about his recent travels.

It doesn’t take long though before the Doctor, George, Nate and Susie are drawn into the strange goings-on at a nearby hospital and the Doctor has to play a battle of wills with the enigmatic owner of the hospital, the strange Billis Manger.

The dead won’t stay dead at St. Angus hospital. Zombies are beginning to break free and out onto the streets, a sinister smile plastered across their faces. Billis had previously harnessed the power of the rift to bring a demon through into our world. The Doctor wonders if he is doing something similar this time too…

The Happy Dead and Mists of Madness will see the arrival of the Torchwood villain, Billis Manger, in the Doctor Who universe proper
The Happy Dead and Mists of Madness will see the arrival of the Torchwood villain, Billis Manger, in the Doctor Who universe proper

9. Paradise Lost: Part 1

Following their recent adventure, the Doctor takes George and Nate to the paradise planet, Nirvana 3. But what they find isn’t the promised paradise. Gone are the hotels, the beaches, the amazing tourist attractions that bring millions of galactic tourists to the planet every year.

Instead, things are either dead or dying. The local population is fighting a war with the Krell, a vicious reptilian species who like to kill and eat their enemies. The Doctor has heard of the Krell and some of the ruthless actions they’ve taken over the years. He wasn’t expecting them to attack a paradise planet though and now the Doctor, George and Nate must band together with the survivors of the Krell attack to put a stop to them.

10. Paradise Found: Part 2

Following a sneak attack from the Krell, the Doctor, George and Nate were separated and in the chaos, the Doctor was captured by the alien aggressors. The survivors-come-freedom fighters are at the end of their tethers and decide the best course of action should be to surrender, even if that means subjugation and then death. George and Nate can’t let the survivors die and have to convince them that there is a better way to defeat the Krell rather than just giving up.

Meanwhile the Doctor, in the clutches of the carnivorous Krell is put to work in creating a terrible weapon of destruction. The Krell need him to complete their planet-buster, a devastating weapon that will tear an entire planet apart.

Can the Doctor escape the Krell and can George and Nate convince the survivors to make one final strike against the alien-killers? Or will they all perish this time?

11. Mists of Madness

Returning to present-day earth, the Doctor and gang find that a strange mist has descended across the city of London and is slowly creeping out across the country. The government are urging people to stay indoors because the mist seems to have psychotropic effects on anyone who breathes it in.

The Doctor and George, with the help of UNIT, follow the mist back to its origins at the rift at St. Angus Hospital and once again have to face off against Billis Manger, this time, once and for all. Nate, on the other hand, has to face horror in his home, when he has to face the wrath of his parents and some home-truths are cruelly revealed…

The Daleks will make their explosive return in the two-part finale, When Hope Dies and Empire of the Daleks
The Daleks will make their explosive return in the two-part finale, When Hope Dies and Empire of the Daleks

12. When Hope Dies: Part 1

The TARDIS, answering a distress call, brings the Doctor and companions to a ruined galactic space-liner in the future. It doesn’t take them long before the surviving crew imprison them, believing them to be robots sent by ‘them’. But when the real robots arrive, the Doctor, George and Nate are conscripted into the attack-force, fighting back against the aggressors.

The Doctor has a sense of dread that he knows who are being the robots he identifies as Robomen. He even thinks he knows when and where they have arrived. This is the star-liner Adamantium, currently stranded outside the Nightmare Child nebula. One of the worst atrocities of the Time War is about to be committed. But it’s impossible for the Doctor to be here now, the events of the War had been time-locked.

But the Doctor has worse things to worry about, the Daleks are coming, an empire of Daleks at the height of their power.

13. Empire of the Daleks: Part 2

With the Daleks attacking the Adamantium, the Doctor must get George and Nate away. But George and Nate insist they help the survivors, it isn’t fair that they get to go away while they have to die. When the Daleks invade the star-liner, the Doctor is cut off from the TARDIS and finds himself stuck once again, in the middle of the Time War, the last place he ever wanted to be.

Worse still is that Davros on the Dalek saucer and planning to use the energy from the Nightmare Child nebula to tear down the barrier of reality, allowing the Daleks to harness unlimited power to conquer the entire universe.

But the Doctor has one piece of knowledge Davros doesn’t yet. The Nightmare Child nebula is sentient, a god-like being that has to be reasoned with, to work on the side of the humans. But Davros has plans for the Doctor, a specialist Dalek squad designed to hunt down the Doctor and anyone associated with him. With the Adamantium set to self destruct, George and Nate cut off from the safety of the TARDIS, the Doctor has no choice to make a bargain with a literal god in an attempt to save everyone and stop the Time War from leaving the confines of its Time Lock. Can he do it in time or will this time, the Daleks finally win?

Masquerade: Christmas Special

Following from their recent battle with the Daleks and Davros and their narrow escape, the Doctor takes George and Nate to a Masquerade Ball in Venice. The TARDIS brings them to a Masquerade party just before the Fall of the Republic of Venice at the end of the 18th century. As the parties spill out onto the streets and George and Nate get to see the glory of the city, the Doctor starts to notice some odd things.

In a city wearing elaborate clothes, now isn’t the best time for the Zygons to be trying to infiltrate the planet, the Doctor needs to find George and Nate quickly. But they might have fallen prey to some doomsday cultists who foresaw the Zygon’s arrival. What do the Zygons want and why do the cultists seem to be terrified of George. This isn’t going to be a good Christmas…

The Christmas Special will see the Doctor take George and Nate to a Venician Masquerade and they'll come up against the Zygons
The Christmas Special will see the Doctor take George and Nate to a Venician Masquerade and they’ll come up against the Zygons

Overall thoughts

That’s a brief overview of what I would do with the third series of Doctor Who if I were ever lucky enough to produce the show. You may have noticed that there are plenty of returning villains and monsters but I think that’s because as a Who-fan, we’ve all got loads of monsters we’d like to see return again and some of them really do! But monsters like the Krell and the Harvesters from the second series will be returning throughout the last three series I have planned out. As well as some more new ones.

The Daleks will be a terrifying force in this series, but they won’t appear until the very end, unlike the previous series where we see the Rani and the Valeyard turning up throughout the courses of their series, though we don’t know it’s them until the finales. They formed a big arc for their respective series. However, in the modern era of the show, the Daleks and the Cybermen have been the big baddies behind many of the story-arcs, and, while these stories have been great, I love them when they just turn up and cause trouble! And with Davros with them, the Doctor, George and Nate will have their work cut out for them.

In the upcoming Series 4, each story will feature an old-returning villain, akin to the Series 20 in 1983, which featured an old enemy in each story. As well as the first of some modern adaptations of some of the proposed stories from the classic era, something that will continue until this era of the show closes out.


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